fresh baby in hospital bassinet

Fresh 48 sessions can get a little tricky sometimes since most babies only have a 48 hour hospital stay. Miss Ruby arrived the night before we received a ton of crummy weather and I was so nervous I wouldn’t be able to get to Sioux Falls for her session but I trekked out in the […]

baby boy in hello world onesie

This little man was just the sweetest! I often have babies who are sleepy during their fresh 48 session but he was just sound asleep and so content! He didn’t even seem to notice with I took him out of his swaddle to see those cute little toes! I love fresh 48 sessions for preserving […]

As parents we can’t wait to meet our babies once they are born. We spend hours dreaming about what they are going to look like. Will they have Mom’s eyes or Dad’s nose, Dark hair or no hair, the list goes on and on! 

Fresh 48 sessions are always one of my favorites. There is something about a brand new baby that is just SO good. It’s like a drug. I just can’t get enough of those fresh babies. Vada definitely did not disappoint. I couldn’t get enough of her full cheeks and chubby legs! 

Little Drake looked so handsome in blue at his Fresh 48 session! These sessions are always favorites of mine!

This sweet little boy took his time to arrive and entered the world just one week after his due dute. He was so alert and was even lifting up his head while I was at the hospital for his session. Meet Jerrick Gene at just over 13 hours fresh <3

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