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As parents we can’t wait to meet our babies once they are born. We spend hours dreaming about what they are going to look like. Will they have Mom’s eyes or Dad’s nose, Dark hair or no hair, the list goes on and on! 

Once they arrive it we are smitten with them and can’t get enough of that newborn smell and those tiny little features but sadly it goes by so fast! Between the sleepless nights and settling in to the new “normal” suddenly you blink and those teeny tiny features aren’t what they used to be. Your sleepy newborn baby is suddenly an alert, mobile baby and you struggle to remember what those newborn features looked like anymore! This is just one of the reasons I love photographing newborn babies! Whether it’s at a birth, fresh 48, or newborn session; capturing those tiny details are SO important. Here are a few of those features that fade in our memory too soon! 


1. Dainty eyelashes

Whether they are super long or short and thin, those newborn lashes make me swoon!

2. Tiny Fingers and Hands

There is something about a newborn baby wrapping its tiny little fingers around yours that just melts your heart! 

3. Kissable Lips

I just love how newborns make puckered lips and sleepy smiles that make them oh so kissable!

4. Wrinkly Feet and Teeny Toes

Is there anything cuter than baby feet? I mean those teeny toes just kill me!

5. Chubby Back Rolls

Let’s face it being chubby is only really cute on babies but man do those back rolls look cute on newborns!

6. Fuzzy Ears

I just love when I get a newborn with tons of “peach fuzz” on their ears. 

7. Fluffy Hair

Whether your babe comes out ready to rock a ponytail or nearly bad there is something sweet about that fluffy, soft newborn hair.

So there you have it, all the tiny details about your tiny babe you will want to preserve and remember for a lifetime. Since we can’t bottle them up, be sure to capture them with photos! Whether you choose to book a birth photographer or book a fresh 48 or newborn session those images of your newborn baby are so important! 

7 Things You Will Quickly Forget About Your Newborn


May 30, 2017

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