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I often hear how I must be SO lucky to have lots of photos of my kids and family since I’m a photographer. While I do take photos of my kids, I don’t take as many as most people think. It’s actually something I would love to be better about doing! The truth is, after working on photos for my clients all week long I’m usually ready for a break. Believe it or not, picking up my camera to photograph my own kids isn’t exactly my kind of break!

This is exactly why we budget to have our family photos taken not just once, but twice a year. Now some of you are probably thinking, “TWICE a year, is that really necessary?” The answer is no, probably not but our kids are still little and change SO much! Even in 6 months they look so different and are doing so many new things! I wanted to be sure we were documenting that. Sure, I could just take out my camera every 6 months and do a photo shoot of my kids too, but then we wouldn’t be getting photos with our kids.

family of 4 in a field near water

While it’s easy to pick apart myself and not love being in front of the camera, I do it because those pictures are so special to me and I hope someday will be special to our kids too! So I encourage you to get your family photos done at least once a year!

Most photographers, myself included, offer a mini session option for a more affordable option to get a few updated photos each year! So I’m challenging you, to book a session with your photographer and get in the photo with your kids or someday you will wish you had!


All photos in this post are taken by  Amanda Fritz Photography

Why We Take Family Pictures Every Year

For Moms

April 29, 2019

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