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When it comes to photographing newborns, there are SO many options for props in the industry! When I first started out, I bought anything and everything I found. While I did come across some great props along the way, I also learned that not all prop shops are created equal. Now that I’m 6 years in, I’ve definitely come to find some favorites vendors! From knits to wooden props there are lots of quality vendors but these are some of my personal favorites!


  • Beautiful Ewe- Aimee does an amazing job at having a large variety of items and colors. The quality of her creations are always top notch! I personally love her knit wrap and bonnet sets!

newborn wrapped in teal knits laying in wooden prop on barnwood

  • Whatsoever Things- Joy has an eye for creating items full of dreamy texture! Her items are unique and have a boho, earthy vibe I love! Her wisp layers are so soft you want to snuggle up with them!
  • Tanya’s Tangles- From bonnets to layers, her shop is filled with amazing items! Her mini blankets are a staple in my studio!
    newborn girl Henley in wooden trencher with tan wrap
  • Persnickety’s Knits– Nicole’s bonnets are perfection. Not only do they fit baby’s heads perfectly but they are classic pieces that can be used over and over!


  • Goodnightmoon Props- Liz has been a favorite of mine for a long time! I stalk her shop for each and every opening and it’s rare for me to not purchase at least one new item! Her designs are original and hold up so well! My favorite are her wisp bows!
    newborn baby girl wrapped in mulberry fabric
  • Ivy & Twine- Bethany’s designs are gorgeous! Her pieces are the perfect earthy style with lots of texture that I adore!
    baby girl in mauve bucket with flower headband
  • Pretty Luxe Designs- I’m obsessed with the silk and beaded designs Graciela creates! Her style is so unique and beautiful!


Hello Little Props- There are plenty of shops that sell fabric backgrounds for photographing newborns but the collection of drops these girls have are amazing. In my opinion they have the best colors, textures, and variety. Not only do they have amazing backdrops but they also have great layers and buckets too!

baby boy wrapped in sea blue fabric

Wooden Props + Buckets

Luneberry- I’m a firm believer in purchasing props that can be used in several different ways and that are going to hold up well. Cesia has such an incredible selection of props! From wooden buckets, flokati rugs, and more! I always receive my orders quickly and well packed so they come in one piece!

newborn boy posed on barnwood holding mom's hands

Rozzi Rayne- Another great collection of a huge variety of props! I love her aged pail buckets! They come in loads of colors and are the perfect size!

baby boy in bucket with camel knit layer

It can be easy to get overwhelmed with all the options out there, since there are lots of vendors who carry beautiful items. The key is finding vendors who carry quality items that fit your style! It might take some time to curate some favorites but once you do it’s great! I hope this list was helpful!

*As a reminder, the items these vendors sell are designed for photography purposes only.

My Top 10 Newborn Prop Vendors

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March 12, 2019

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