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58/365 | Lately Micah has been SO busy. He is constantly on the move! He isn’t quite crawling but he has no problem getting around. He rolls and army-crawls all over the floor! 

59/365 | Just a boy in a sea of toys.

60/365 | That naughty little smirk just kills me.

61/365 | Last night Micah was already in bed when I realized I didn’t take a picture yesterday. Tony insisted that I take a picture of my face so everyone could see my lovely bruising and swelling from having my wisdom teeth removed on Friday. So here you go folks. Definitely ready to be back to my normal self. 

62/365 | I know I post a lot of bath photos but Micah always seems to show his personality when he is playing in the tub! 

63/365 | Getting ready for bed in our jammies.

65/365 | Goofball.

66/365 | Playing in our jammies with bed head. 

67/365 | It was our buddy Oliver’s 1st birthday so we met up for a quick walk on the beautiful day! These two are going to have so much fun growing up together!

68/365 | Micah has begun mastering the army crawl! No longer is anything out of his reach!

69/365 | Micah has also started saying Mama and Dada on repeat while babbling. He loves hearing his voice, here is a little clip of his babbling before bedtime.

70/365 | The weather was so beautiful yesterday so we went on another walk and took Micah on his first trip to the park! I love having the park so close by. Micah didn’t really care too much about swinging and was more interested in the little boy playing basketball. 

Growing Up | Project 365

Project 365

March 9, 2015

  1. Great Auntie Kristin says:

    That chatter video made my day complete! Love him! Love you Jess & Tony! Miss ya so much.

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