Newborn photography requires practice, patience, and investing in personalized education to empower you to prioritize baby’s safety and comfort while you capture those adorable baby features. If you’re ready to take your newborn photography to the next level, let me put my 8 years of experience to work for you!


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When I first started photographing newborns, I felt SO frustrated by wrapped poses. It looked so easy, but it was such a struggle for me! But after attending countless workshops and investing in mentorships with other talented and trained newborn photographers, I’ve developed a signature workflow for newborn sessions (including wrapped poses!) that keeps babies calm and settled.

I’m ready to share my knowledge and help you make your newborn photography rhythm work for YOU!


What’s Next?

Our one-day mentoring session will kick off with a Newborn Session Model Call, where I’ll show you my workflow, posing, styling, and shooting techniques. You’ll have the opportunity to shoot alongside me and be a hands-on partner in the session, asking questions as we work.

Then, after the session, we’ll dive into a brief editing session, where I’ll demonstrate how to use my newborn presets to edit images for each pose.

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After a jam-packed morning, we’ll head to lunch - on me! - where we can discuss anything and everything related to newborn photography. From pricing and client experience to questions about my posing rhythm and behind-the-scenes workflow, I’m ready to share my heart for business with you.

What’s Next?

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As we close our time together, I share a whole bunch of resources, customized just for you! You’ll get access to my Newborn Mentor Workbook, which includes details on my favorite places to shop for props, how I set up for sessions, lighting tips, and my posing workflow with images to ensure you’ve got it all just right.

You’ll also receive my exclusive JBP Newborn Preset, which is a custom preset that I use to edit all of my images in Adobe Lightroom

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As you put this mentorship day’s learning into practice in your business, I’ll support you on Voxer, a fun walkie-talkie app, for two weeks following our time together.

Yes, There’s More

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"Jessica is an amazing newborn photography mentor! She was so patient with me and answered all of my questions. She goes through everything in so much detail and shows every step of her session process. I am so grateful for the confidence I learned to take my newborn photography to the next level!"

" She was so patient with me"


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