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4/365 | Sunday was a cozy day at home for us. We all stayed in comfy clothes and avoided the freezing cold temps outside. Since we were home all day, I attempted to get a few things done! I have started trying Micah to his highchair know that he is getting a little bigger and can see above the tray! It is so nice letting him play in it, we load his tray up with toys so we aren’t picking them up off the floor every 2 seconds. I think he loves it!

5/365 | We welcomed a lovely blizzard on Monday afternoon, I left work early since the road conditions were getting worse and even Tony came home a little early. It was so nice to have some unexpected time together! We cozied up and watched the snow fall. Tony and I watched the premiere of The Bachelor, how could we not watch it when he is from Iowa?! Things were awfully quiet as Micah was playing on the floor so content and we quickly discovered why. Little man had a serious blowout and it was a tag team effort!

Eleanor R.

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