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It’s pretty obvious why you would want to book a session for your newly born baby. As the saying goes, “babies don’t keep.” But, many question whether to book a Fresh 48 (hospital session) or a studio newborn session. I personally think you should book BOTH and I’ll tell you why!

Reasons to Book a Fresh 48 Session

  1. Your time in the hospital is a blur.
    You just had a baby. You are likely sleep deprived, in pain, and dealing with non-stop flow of nurses and visitors checking in on you. This can make your days a total blur, having a fresh 48 session allows you to freeze that moment in time.
    chubby fresh baby in hospital with letterboard
  2. Your iPhone doesn’t cut it 
    Being able to have a professional worry about the lighting and capturing all the right angles ensures you get quality images no matter if your dealing with florescent lighting or bright sunshine!
  3. It allows you to be present.
    No need to stress about getting all the photos for the baby book and birth announcements. I’ve got that covered for you. You can put your focus on getting the hang of breastfeeding, chatting with visitors or just staring sweetly at that brand new babe.
    big brother checking out baby sister in hospital bassinet
  4. Your baby will never be this new again.
    As much as we hate it, babies just don’t stay brand new for long. It’s always amazing to me how much they change in those first couple days and weeks! Many babies are swollen and puffy when born and change SO much in just a couple days time.

Reasons to Book a Newborn Session

  1. You’ve had time to settle in
    Newborn sessions take place in the first 2 weeks after baby’s birth. By this point you’ve had a chance to get settled in at home, you milk has come in, and you’re getting a little more of a handle of this whole mom thing.
    family of three with newborn baby girl dressed in neutral colors
  2. Update your family photo
    Now that you have had a chance to take a proper shower and feel human again, you can take an updated family photo for your walls! Whether a new family of three or adding a new sibling these are such big moments!
  3. Document babies quickly changing features
    Within just a few days babies look so different! The swelling goes down, their skin clears up, they’ve had a bath and you can see just how they are already changing! Before you know it they’ll be more alert, lifting their head, and turning into a mobile baby! It’s so important to document THIS time.
    chunky newborn boy chip posed on barnwood

Creating this list has definitely reminded me why I love this job so much! There is nothing like being able to capture these short-lived moments for my clients! Such a privilege!

If you’re interested in booking a Fresh 48 and/or Newborn session you can find more info here. If you’re ready to book, contact me here.


The Benefits of Booking a Fresh 48 and Newborn Session

For Moms

February 28, 2019

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