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If you’ve been following along since I first posted back in January about this contest, the results are finally in and I’m so excited to share them with you! This was the first year I entered the Shoot & Share photo contest and I was quickly hooked. The contest is broken down into 12 rounds of voting and you don’t know how your images are doing until the very end when its over. Many photographers (including myself) spend hours voting, just hoping for a chance to see one of their images and know it’s still in the running!

This year’s contest had 413,000 photos submitted from 160 different countries! Talk about amazing! I’m feeling pretty honored to have placed where I did! Out of the 43 images I submitted, 19 of them received an award. I had one image finish as a finalist, making it to the 12th round of voting and receiving 113th place in that category! 

Here’s the awards I received. <3

Shoot & Share Contest Results


March 26, 2018

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