Kent + Caitlin // Winter Wonderland Engagement Session


This was such a fun shoot! Even if it was something like -3 degrees out! When Caitlin booked their wedding date we talked about how originally she had wanted a winter wedding but with so many of their families traveling from farther away they decided it would be better to have it earlier! Since they were having a late September wedding, we decided on a winter engagement session instead! Caitlin and I spent the first few weeks of December thinking it was just never going to snow! We ended up just booking a date for the end of the month and hoping it looked a bit more “wintery” by the time the date came around. Well we lucked out! The day before it started snowing and continued into the next day. We even considered rescheduling because the snow was coming down pretty good, but the skies cleared that afternoon and we had the most perfect winter wonderland for their session! 

I mean how pretty is this?! Those perfect evergreens, sprinkled with fresh snow!

I’m so looking forward to your big day Caitlin + Kent!

Eleanor R.
  1. Caitlin King says:

    Thanks Jess! We love them! What a perfect snow we finally got! Now to decide what to order…😊😊😊
    Caitlin King & Kent Muth

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