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A few months ago I stumbled on an article on Facebook discussing the dangers of Johnson & Johnson products, which we were currently using lots of for Micah. It talked about how these products were using toxins known for causing cancer. Cancer. These were products that are heavily advertised and I was using on my baby. I was shocked and felt lied to. How could the industry get away with using these products? I immediately knew I wanted to look for something safer to use for Micah. 

Shortly after that one of the bloggers I follow, Madison at Espresso and Cream, posted about Beautycounter and their products. I was an avid follower of her blog and had seen her post about it before but I don’t think I realized how bad those products I was currently using really were. I looked into their products and learned more about the company and their mission. I decided to try the Kids Bath Wash for Micah and a Dew Skin Tinted Moisturizer for myself. I was instantly hooked. Not only did it feel great to use products I knew were safe but I also was loving the results. Beautycounter bans over 1,500 ingredients from their products, they call this their Never List. You can view it here.  They actually worked just as good if not better than the products I had been using. 

I started trying more products and my passion for finding safer solutions grew. In April, I decided I wanted to share the information with others and join their team as a consultant. The facts out there about the cosmetic and beauty industry are astonishing. There are so many name brand companies using horrible ingredients known to cause infertility, hormone disruption, and cancer.  I highly recommend Beautycounter products and would love to talk with you about them if you are interested in learning more! 

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My New Venture // Why I Chose to Switch to Safer Products


May 11, 2016

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