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Lots of changes and growth have been happening behind the scenes for my business in the past few months and one of the biggest and most exciting changes is a large shift away from digital files and towards providing professional prints and tangible products.  What does this shift mean for you? Well, I’m glad you asked! It simply means I will be providing a more complete service to my fabulous clients by guiding them through the process of receiving fabulous images on their walls and to share with friends and family that will last a lifetime! 

I could go on forever about why I’ve decided steer away from the “shoot and burn” style of photography but it’s really quite simple.  I’ve come to realize that I had actually been doing my clients a disservice by just giving them the digitals.  More often than not those files just end up on computer hard drives never to be seen again. Sure, you may share them on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter but is that really what you invested your money for was a new profile pic on Social Media? If you invest the time and money to document your family’s important memories through photographs I will now be ensuring that you will see some of those images every single day up on your wall or in a gorgeous album on your coffee table. My ultimate goal, and the passion behind my business, is for you to have your family’s moments captured for generations to come. That looking at those photos of your sweet babe or your family giggling together brings you joy because, the people we love, the connections we have with them, and the memories we make with them are so incredibly important.

Stay tuned for more posts on all the new things coming to Jessica Bonestroo Photography but some of the products I will be providing for you are professional prints, wall canvases, frames, and albums. 

This change in the way I structure my business and service my clients is a BIG one and I know will be a major transition for many of my current clients.  I’d be happy to help with that in any way I can, so if you have questions about what this will mean for working together in the future, please get in touch with me!  

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Keep an eye out for more about the new products and upcoming changes happening over here!


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