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I am definitely one of those parents who gets over excited about every “first” for my baby. First Halloween, First Christmas, and now First Valentine’s Day. I love that Micah goes to daycare where he gets to celebrate the holiday with friends! I was SO excited to put together little valentines for his teachers to give on his behalf. Now you might be thinking, “She does know that these are babies in his daycare room, right?” and “They won’t even know what you gave them.”. Yes, I am fully aware but that is all part of the fun.

As the Hallmark holiday approached I started trying to decide what to give when it panic set in and it dawned on me that these are babies. “What do you give babies for a Valentine?!” Well I did a little brainstorming (aka Pinteresting) and found a few ideas that used Applesauce pouches. Since most of the babies in Micah’s room aren’t to the point of eating Applesauce yet I decided to use baby food pouches! Here is the final product! They were so easy and really didn’t take too long to do! I designed and printed the card for the front, cut slits on the sides for the tissue ribbon, wrapped it around the pouch, and sealed it with double-stick tape! Easy-peasy!

Since I figured the teachers wouldn’t really appreciate getting baby food for a Valentine, I also got these Gummy LifeSavers to give to them! 

Happy Valentine’s Day!!

Valentine DIY

Micah Thomas

February 13, 2015

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