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15/355 | Micah and I spent yet another day at home as he was still getting over the flu. He finally got some good naps in and started catching up on his sleep!

16/365 | Tony’s parents have this toy that Micah just loves. It’s actually supposed to be a toy they can use to walk with, but we sit him by it and he plays forever!

17/365 | Saturday I had a session in Sioux Falls and was spoiled when I got home! Tony had a nice meal prepared and the table was set! We also gave Micah cereal for the first time! He wasn’t too sure about it but took it pretty well!

18/365 | Micah and I went to Dakota Dunes on Sunday and spent some times at Grandpa and Grandma Henery’s house since Auntie Evalie and Auntie Kristin and the kiddos were visiting. We tried to convince cousin Taryn to stay with us and be our babysitter. She is so good with Micah! It was so good to see them all again and we miss them already! Micah also is officially 6 months old as of Sunday! Where does the time go?!

19/365 Monday, Micah had his 6 month appointment and shots. We found out he is tipping the scale at 17lbs and 40% on the growth charts! He is also 25 inches tall. Getting SO big! Shots always seem to wear him out but this time he had a bit of a fever too. Poor guy.

20/365 | Little man is really loving his jumper these days! He gets so excited and jumps all over the place!

21/365 | Micah, playing on the floor, wishing he could crawl!

22/365 | Thursday, Micah and I went back to bed after he had his morning bottle. There is something so cute about him in our big bed that makes my heart flutter. 

23/365 | Micah has been loving the lights on his jumper lately. Such a goof ball.

24/365 | This morning we had a playdate with our buddy Oliver! Aren’t they cute? 

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January 24, 2015

  1. amie says:

    in love with the different perspectives of the sleeping ones!!! beautiful

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